So it’s the day our presentation’s due and we’ve only just realised we needed to do a blog…

So here we are, ‘The Team’, in the canteen with an hour and half to go so we should probably stop pissing about and get on with it.

The brief – so we’ve got to design an ad campaign for BA Games’ latest high speed racing game called ‘Pedal to the Metal’, it’s got to be interactive and something that will go viral

So straight away ideas already began flowing into my head, with today’s motion tracking technology as advanced and easily accessible as it is (through things such as Xbox Kinect), I thought, there’s no better a way to make something interactive than harvesting that technology and incorporating into our demo. Me and the team later developed this small idea into the planned out campaign we now have which is split into 4 main steps;





The trailer

The trailer takes place from an aerial perspective of a race through the streets of London. We figured we’d keep the trailer short and sweet, but intense, about 20-30 seconds to make sure we don’t lose the viewers attention. At the end of the trailer the camera pans into the cockpit of the car and the viewer is given the option to ‘Enter the race..’ in which they are they prompted to share the trailer through various social networking sites, in order to gain a code for a free download of the demo on either PS3, Xbox 360 or iPhone. This is one of the most crucial parts of the campaign as it encourages the trailer to go viral.

We also thought YouTube would be a great place to have the advert as people often visit YouTube in search of the next viral video, however hopefully this time they’ll stumble upon ours rather than 2 monkeys riding a tandem bike…


Since I’ve already briefly touched upon this aspect I won’t bore you with it too much again, but obviously sharing is another key aspect of the success of the trailer. Through incentive to share the advert, we will be able to reach a wide audience and again increase the chances of the ad going viral. Now obviously we know people hate having to post 3rd party links and what not on their timeline or feed etc. so that’s where the idea of the incentive derived from, users will also be able to challenge each other through the same medium but more on that later…


We wanted the user to really feel the experience of racing and feel immersed in the game so there were several things we decided to do to accomplish this. The demo kicks off right where the trailer left us, in the cockpit of a super car tearing through the streets of London, but this time, you’re the one in control.

We decided to incorporate the Xbox Kinect, Playstation Move and the iPhone’s gyroscope into the game to make it more interactive, we got this idea from Forza 4’s Kinect integration which to be honest, looks awesome. However users will still be able to play the demo with a controller so we don’t narrow down our audience.

Users can share their times and challenge their friends through social networking which hopefully lead to more people seeing this and wanting to download the game.


Lastly we wanted to do some really cool promotion and we figured, what better place to promote a game where you race through the streets of London, than Paris!

Just kidding we’re obviously going to be demoing it in London.

So we figured, get a shit load of sexy cars, females and maybe even the game to get people talking about it and hyping it up. We also thought we’d take all the recorded lap times, from the promotion events and the game demos and award the fastest lap time winner with a chance to meet a real life F1 driver. I know we’re too good surprising we haven’t got jobs for EA.. I mean BA…

So that’s it, we’ve now got one hour before our presentation so we’ll probably go back to doing some more interesting things…