So the day I’ve been dreading for quite some time has finally come about – actually starting my assignment. For those of you who don’t know this is a 3000 word essay and a 1500 word annotated bibliography due in for the 7th of December – bollocks.

So, the essay is basically analysing examples of contemporary media through the use of several models and theories we have learnt over the last however many weeks. Times like these when bang your head against the wall for playing GTA in lectures, not that that was me I’m just saying..

So I had a few ideas, by a few I mean one, and that’s using Identity and Representation to analyse gender specific car advertisement. I chose this after studying it in A level Psychology and there proved to be a strong correlation between the type of vehicle/brand advertised and how the car was presented in advertisements.

I’ve given myself the task of planning my essay and writing an introduction for it by the end of the day, if accomplished I said I’d go and buy the new Call Of Duty, but we all know that will happen regardless. So I got out my notes, got some paper, got a pen and waited for the ideas to start flowing down onto the page, unfortunately as I’m sure you’ve experienced before, they did not. So I took to WordPress! ‘Writing about this essay will help me formulate ideas’ – I told myself, but realistically it was just an excuse for procrastination.

So what the hell am I doing? So far I’ve decided on one theory and idea to use but that’s all. I think I want to use the Shannon Weaver model of Communication for something.. but I’ve not got a fucking clue what.

Anyway, all I can say is wish me luck!…


EDIT: I have just realised I’ve written over 300 words doing this which ironically is around what I need for my intro…