it’s been some time since I updated my blog so I figure I should update you all on the goings on..

so having just finished our group channel project (which you can check out here ) we were given a new brief last Tuesday..

creating/redesigning a brand, we have to come up with and create a logo for said brand and it needs to be able to be animated, and applied to real life. I decided to create a brand that made skateboarding and clothing goods. I created a document with several different skate and clothing brand logos on and variations of them. I found that despite many colours can look great, often simple 1 or 2 coloured logos can work a lot better and far more easily customisable.


following this i had to create a name, after some head scratching i came up with ‘merge’ or ‘merge skateboards’. I thought the name itself boded well for a creative text logo. I decided I wanted the name in lower case in a short fat font, I took to dafont and after some browsing found the ideal font which was also free use, however the M was too slanty for my liking and didn’t fit in but after some skewing it looked a lot better. I decided I wanted the e and r to have a horizontal motion blur which in effect ‘merged’ the two letters together. After playing around with the motion blur tool on the two letters it wasn’t really doing what I wanted, I decided to liquify and stretch the two letters out and then blur them after. Whilst it worked better it’s still not ideally what I want the finished logo to look like but it’s certainly a start.

After writing this I decided to one variation of the image, although I couldn’t use the blur effect as the type didn’t stand out as much, I still think it looks good with the skyline fill. I also decided despite my previous thoughts I actually prefer the original M