It's been a while..

So I managed to completely forget about this WordPress after documenting my last big project on our University’s servers.

So what am I up to now?

We recently began work on our ‘Agency & Identity’ group project. We initially had to create our own personal mood boards to help us decide on our groups. This worked out well for us as all of our members had something which showed an interest in music. This sparked an idea in my head of suggesting to create a music promotion company for upcoming and local artists. We developed this further and decided we would also do design work and event management for our clients. More importantly we would not narrow ourselves down to a specific genre as we believe good music is genre blind.

After developing the idea we had to then go about creating our brand identity, this included creating a website, a 20 page brand bible and finally we had to create an interactive advert. We are currently part-way through this project, I will include below the work we have completed so far. Also below you’ll find a link to our website.



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