Since I haven’t posted in forever I thought I’d update you on a lot of things:

After completing my placement I had a relatively unproductive summer… (whoops). However I did get the Opportunity to do some typography work for DrawDeck, one of my friends companies which allows all kinds of designers/artists to upload their work and allow for people to purchase prints of it. The work I did for that can be found here.

Since that, focus has now had shift back toward Uni, what with my dissertation and final project due this year. So to follow suit with what I’d learnt from my placement, I decided to base both of final year pieces of work around branding. I decided I wanted my dissertation to look into how and why target audience affects how a company brands itself. I am doing a creative dissertation meaning I do 5000 written words, and a production piece to count for the other 5000. My creative piece is going to be a rebrand of the London based street food company, Munch. This will involve things such as creating a logo (with a font I am going to create myself), an advertisement campaign, truck/vehicle print designs, banners etc. I have already created a couple of prototype logos (see below), where I have taken the original idea of their logo, which I already quite liked, and adapt it slightly. These are by no means near finished just a couple of ideas from today.

IMG_4524 IMG_4523 Munch2BH

My dissertation work will in turn carry over into my final project. For my final project I intend to take this branding that I had created, and publish it into a ‘Brand Bible’. I want to turn these into both digital copies but also one professionally printed copy.