So Christmas and NYE are over and it’s back to work.. (woo) fortunately I managed to get quite a bit done before the Christmas break, more so on the written side of my dissertation rather than the creative. I am now 3000/5000 down which feels great! All that’s left is the “interesting” literature reviews, and then my conclusion and reflection!

I had a meeting with the head of branding over at Chicken Shack, a very successful local business which I worked for last term. I showed him the work I had been doing and he gave me some feedback and a contact card so that I could keep in touch. This was very helpful as it again allowed me to have another professional opinion on what I was creating. Particularly so as the branding he does is for a very relatable company to mine. I used the feedback he gave me to further shape and develop my designs.

So I’m basically at the final hurdle for having my first draft completed, just in time before I go away on holiday!

However today, our course decided to deliver us a 1500 word brief including two prototypes of our final project due in for Wednesday, despite our hand in for the final project being months away this has obviously thrown a bit of a spanner in the works. Unsurprising for our course (don’t ever do DMD at BU!). Anyway I’m going to have to put the dissertation on ice for the next few days and get on with this (pointless) assignment.