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Since I haven’t posted in forever I thought I’d update you on a lot of things:

After completing my placement I had a relatively unproductive summer… (whoops). However I did get the Opportunity to do some typography work for DrawDeck, one of my friends companies which allows all kinds of designers/artists to upload their work and allow for people to purchase prints of it. The work I did for that can be found here.

Since that, focus has now had shift back toward Uni, what with my dissertation and final project due this year. So to follow suit with what I’d learnt from my placement, I decided to base both of final year pieces of work around branding. I decided I wanted my dissertation to look into how and why target audience affects how a company brands itself. I am doing a creative dissertation meaning I do 5000 written words, and a production piece to count for the other 5000. My creative piece is going to be a rebrand of the London based street food company, Munch. This will involve things such as creating a logo (with a font I am going to create myself), an advertisement campaign, truck/vehicle print designs, banners etc. I have already created a couple of prototype logos (see below), where I have taken the original idea of their logo, which I already quite liked, and adapt it slightly. These are by no means near finished just a couple of ideas from today.

IMG_4524 IMG_4523 Munch2BH

My dissertation work will in turn carry over into my final project. For my final project I intend to take this branding that I had created, and publish it into a ‘Brand Bible’. I want to turn these into both digital copies but also one professionally printed copy.

Space Invaders Flow Chart

So for our most recent assessment we were given the code to a simple space invaders game. It ran using a HTML5 canvas and javascript. We had to changed the code to edit the game. I’m not that great with code so I only changed simple things such as the sprite sheet, amount of levels, added forward & back direction etc.

Alongside this we also had to produce a flow chart explaining the gameplay process. You’re right in thinking that that is as vague and difficult as it sounds. As I’m starting my placement on Monday I had to rush the flowchart, I used the basis of my creative CV and managed to create a very confusing, probably incorrect flowchart, however I still kind of like how it looks so I thought I’d share.

Waxx Skateboard Magazine

Just an idea I threw together to practice for my placement. I used a combination of Photoshop and Indesign. I’m not 100% pleased with the finished product and I probably will add some more at some point but I should probably get on with my assignment…

So what have I been up to since my last post?

Well I’ve sorted out my work placement, I’m doing a 4 week placement starting on the 2nd of June with a company in Bournemouth called Tandi, which I’m really excited about.

Alongside that we have recently started our final assignment in which we have to recode Space Invaders to make our own version of the original game. (Not looking forward to this as coding is most certainly not my forte!!!)

I’ve also been practicing and getting my InDesign and Photoshop skills a bit more up to scratch in preparation for my placement. Below you can view the skateboard magazine cover that I decided to create merely for practice, it isn’t fully finished yet but I plan to finish it over the next few days.


WAXX Skateboard Magazine

So since my last post including my creative CV, I attended a meeting at uni to discuss it. Since then I have made a few changes, mostly subtle changes to do with spacing & sizing.

Along with my updated CV I also wanted to upload a couple of quick ‘Banksy-esque’ mock ups I created in Photoshop and Illustrator. Now bear in mind these aren’t finished products of any kind, just merely me playing around with a few things, I hope to develop them further over the next week.

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